Leon Theremin Plays the Aether

The soulful sounds of the Theremin flow from the hands of the master conductor.

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PC#9 – reworking


Covered it entirely with a stone-like hue so that the thickened portions stand out from the background. It is lit with artificial light from above and natural from below.

This is what it initially looked like:


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Particle Collision #8 – Quaver (done]


Calling this one done. Actually quite like the final bit of work on this. The musical symbol is a ‘quaver’, or one with a single flag on the stem. Pretty vibrant effect, don’t you agree?

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PC#8 – Finding a Note


The painting has ‘softened’ quite a bit; in fact, I think a tad too much. It needs more detail in the background and the ‘note symbol’ I found within the pattern could use strengthening. So… we’ll see where this goes.

It certainly looks better than the way it used to:


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Scary Halloween



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PC#8 remake – varying lines of colour


Before I do any more with the background, I think it’s time to establish a series of colours for the tracks themselves. Once they’re in, maybe I’ll have a better idea on what to do with the open spaces that remain.

I already like the painting a lot more.

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